rachel l'abri tipton

junior full stack developer


The Community Project

Python Django / React / PostGreSQL

group of people

Solo Project - 2 weeks

Python Django REST Framework backend with a React Frontend. I wanted to build a template for friends and potential clients looking to build an online community. I loved working with Python and the Django REST Framework. Still a work in progress, I’m proud of my site’s registration and login functionality.

Simply Good Food

Mongoose / MongoDB / React / Node.js

recipe site

Group Project (2 people) - 2 weeks

Full-Stack MERN app with CRUD functionality that uses an MVC pattern. We made a clone of the Minimalist Baker website. Among my responsibilities were setting up initial backend API controllers and routes, initiating import of data into our database, and establishing the routes through our React frontend. I took the lead in deploying both our frontend on Netlify and back end on Heroku as well as made many of the project’s styling decisions. I’m proud of the Boot-React Carousel I effectively implemented.

The LSS (Local Space Station)

JavaScript / React / Insomnia

recipe site

Group Project (3 people) - 2 weeks

React App that consumes an API. Our app is a Space Calendar that uses the React Calendar Library and consumes NASA’s image of the day API. The takeaway from this project was coding with others and working in the same GitHub repo. I personally used this project to explore JavaScript dates, the Bulma styling library, and was the team member responsible for deploying our app. This game does not work on mobile devices, so check it out on a larger screen.

Tetris 2.022

HTML / CSS / Vanilla JavaScript

tetris blocks

Solo Project - 2 weeks

Game built with Vanilla JavaScript. I built a grid-based game using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Deciding to make one of my favourite computer games from when I was a kid, Tetris, I solidified my basic Vanilla JS, HTML and CSS skills. This first ever coding challenge was my introduction to understanding how I work as a developer.


  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Express
  • Node.js
  • Mongoose
  • MongoDB
  • Python
  • Django
  • PostGreSQL
  • Poetry
  • Heroku
  • GitHub
  • git
  • Bootstrap
  • Bulma
  • Tailwind

about me

who i am

I am a Junior Full Stack Developer based in Lille, France. I grew up outside of Chicago and have lived and worked in France since 2011 and currently split my time between Lille and a village in the East Flemish region of Belgium along the Leie River. I have a big garden there.

After 5 years of successfully running my own freelance business, I'm pivoting into Software Engineering. Before making this shift, my freelance work was as a technical editor and translator alongside teaching full-time at universities and business schools in the north of France.

In mid-May 2022, I graduated from General Assembly’s Software Engineering Immersive Course. This was a 6-month part-time remote immersive course where I learned the fundamentals of JavaScript and Python and built APIs using both the MERN Stack and Python Django framework. I attended 16 hours of class per week spread over Tuesday and Thursday evenings and all day on Saturday. We completed 4 project sprints of 1 or 2 weeks each, which are the projects you see above.

My background is in the humanities, but with my technical editing work I have had the opportunity to complete a year-long Biostatistics course and follow trainings in Medical Writing that have allowed me to acquire an appreciation for clean data structures and databases. I also like helping researchers tell a clear story with their data.

chicago skyline woman running sunflower meadow
sunflower meadow

why i love coding

When I decided to make a career shift, a friend suggested coding, and I do not regret taking the plunge. Logic, aesthetics, and creativity come naturally to me, and coding is a space to express and explore all three at once. This way of making fuels my creativity while feeding my inner data-loving language learner with plenty of logic and syntax. Coding presents both an environment where I'm intellectually challenged and encouraged to learn. And at the end of the day it's a job that can provide the economic stability I'm seeking in this career shift.

what i'm looking for

I am currently seeking work as a Junior Full Stack Developer in a mid-sized company that values mentorship. If freelance opportunities come up to work on pages like this one, I won't say no.


In addition to being a web developer, I am also a writer.

Improving my writing craft is serious work, and I make time for it.

I write both non-fiction essays and poetry and am continuously reading.

I've started to blog about my coding journey and link those articles here.


Here are a few resources I've found helpful as I start my coding journey.

Traversy Media has proved to be a great place for me to start. I connect easily to Brad Traversy's approach to coding and have found his tutorials from Python to Tailwind to be accessible and enjoyable to follow. And his Boston accent adds to his charm.

Discovering the Code Newbie podcast has been wonderful. Anytime I had a new concept in my bootcamp,I'd search their archives on the topic to have a listen. They also place a lot of emphasis on career-pivot coders, which I definitely connect to.

A List Apart was a recommendation from a friend who's been coding since the early 90's. This blog was super formative for him, and I've enjoyed reading their thoughtful articles both current and past. As I'm just transitioning to tech, this newsletter has provided some needed context.

There are few time management resources that have helped me more than Laura Vanderkamp's Time Tracking worksheet.

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